Artwork for Aphoria Horizonte

Equilibrium Design tells the story of creating the artwork for Sofie Loizou’s forthcoming 10″ vinyl EP “Aphoria Horizonte”.

The artwork for ‘Aphoria Horizonte’ was cultivated in conversation with Sofie Loizou and was inspired by her music making narratives and stunning artistic presence. Two of Equilibrium Design’s team, Bec Paton and Dena Taiebat, worked collaboratively to create a unique visual language using photography, collage and digital image-making techniques.

10inch_3mm spine and bleed SOFIE LOIZOU

Immersing ourselves in the music and engaging with the inspiration for each piece, we reflected a moodboard to Sofie to elicit ‘sparks’ for us to act on. Her responses led us to a collage approach and helped us with the tone for the artwork. Although initially surprised and slightly self-conscious about the idea of bringing Sofie herself into the artwork, our shoot with Sofie was a playful and fun session.

Each side of the EP sleeve represents a side of the record. Side A’s ‘Saturday Night Blues’ was written in response to waiting all night for a lover—slightly worried, due to the storm, and melancholy, due to an unfulfilled night… ‘With on eye open’ and the shards of rain and fragmented thoughts reflected in the collage approach, the image shows a pensive Sofie.


Side B’s ‘Aphoria Horizonte’ was inspired by the shifting colours and dreamlike immersion that Sofie had recently experienced in Berlin. Through photographic collage, we literally allowed Sofie to weave the colours, shapes and textures visually, just as she had done sonically.

We hope this artwork allows admirers of Sofie’s work to have new insights into this exceptional artist and connect with her music in new ways. We also hope other musicians will allow us the honor of working visually with their music too.

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