RADICAL NATURE RECORDS is a brand new Australian initiative aiming at breaking the mould of the average record label to create works that focus upon music releases as objects of artistic, musical and aesthetic beauty.

As many record labels move to create their main income stream within digital downloads, we would like to take a step backwards and, at the same time, forwards, to offer music as a piece of limited edition art. Something that is so beautifully produced, you would want to hang it on your wall, as well as play it on your turntable.

Our aim is to ensure the artistic vision survives the culling process of economic viability. After all not all music is produced entirely with the aim of making money.

This is why we are sure you will appreciate the effort our artists put into these limited edition releases, ones that could be considered works of art as well as works of music.

We also support the creative use of our output and encourage our artists to give away sound samples on Freesound, and for other like-minded creatives to sample the works
in the form of musical quotation.

We want music lovers, like art lovers, to find their own unique method that will help ensure the artist can continue to make new works, be it philanthropically via donations or through their purchase of the works.